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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 9, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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times, frequent guest of this program passed away, battling stomach cancer and prior to his work at the newspaper, served as the press secretary for newt gingrich, a great friend, a wonderful man, we'll miss him and loved him, and the best to his family. see you at midnight. >> greta: tonight, a palin endorsement, a member of the palin family is here to make an endorsement, which candidate is getting the nod from alas sta, we'll hear it hear and it may be january, but new hampshire is hot tonight. in less than two hours, 12:01, the first polls here in new hampshire open for the key primary, will donald trump make an endorsement before voters head to the polls in new hampshire. he's here to tell us. many say it's make or break time for jon huntsman and his political life is on the line. will new hampshire give him the boost he needs to stay in the race. governor jon huntsman goes on the record. and rn paul, can he pulp the second place win?
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you'll hear directly from congressman paul. live from new hampshire, fuhirst check your watch. in an hour and 29 minutes 59 minutes they'll be costing votes. 51%, and congressman ron paul 17%, and governor jon huntsman and rick santorum, but newt gingrich trails. it's far from over, but the same poll shows only 44% of the new hampshire voters made up their minds and you do the math and that means that 56% have not made up their minds. so are we in for a new hampshire surprise? karl rove is here. >> good evening, how are you. we have a poll that jon huntsman to 18%, the polls quite fluid and lots going on
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here. tell me your reflections obje operate polls. >> romney has been ahead since the horses got out of the gate and ron paul has been pretty consistent in second place, that's likely. and he think your guest later on tonight mr. huntsman is going to have a good night and i've been talking to the people in new hampshire and gotten the sense he got a lel bit of a bump out of debate and he's closing well and sort of fits the new hampshire model. the question is going to be, how close is the divide between number three, number four, number five. because you're going to have huntsman, santorum and gingrich in my opinion sort of lined up close to each other and how close is going to determine whether or not you get three tickets or four tickets or five tickets out of new hampshire on your way to south carolina. >> greta: and you mentioned how much of a win. and we'll talk to grn huntsman and i asked him what he considered a win and he recognized that governor
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romney at least in the polls was leading. i asked him in terms of what exactly is a win. suppose that he has a good win up here, a good, solid second place, for instance or a close third. is he aligned in south carolina? a different electorate. >> let's get it right. we often tooms say south carolina, alabama, mississippi, south carolina interchangeable. not true. south carolina is three states in one. upstate. greenville, spartansburg a lot of social conservatives. mid country, lexington county, the state capital and columbia, a lot of academic, small town chamber of commerce and myrtle beach, hilton head, a lot of retirees from the midwest and mid atlantic region in particular, so you have a distinctly electorate. think about this, for example, in 2008, if you add together the vote that was received by
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john mccain and mitt romney and rudy guiliani, you have a big majority of the republican vote in the south carolina pre primary, moderate conservatives to moderates and took majority and that's been pretty much the tradition in south carolina since the primaries began there in 1988. but, and the other thing that's going to matter here, this is going to be the first primary held in south carolina after the new hampshire pre primary where there's a truncated period, 19 days and now it's less than that, about 10 or 11 days and as a result, it's going to be really tight, and those next few days matter and finally, we're going to have at least, romney, paul, perry, santorum, and through a super pac, gingrich with adequate funds to fight on television, nobody is going to dominate the airwaves and we may have three or four candidates shooting at romney, and romney defending himself, but we've got a very small window in which to have those
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messages sink through on television. >> greta: all right, let's talk about south carolina and even though we are an in new hampshire and the polls opens in about an hour and 58 minutes. and the check conservatives, social conservatives and retirees, doesn't look like a governor romney group, it's generalized, but governor nicky haley endorsed him and others are mad that she endorsed him. newt gingrich has a super pac that's going to come out roar at governor mitt romney, but governor mitt romney. but, so, that at least looks like it's going to be a little bit of a challenge for him down there? >> well, it's an a challenge for an opportunity deopinionidepending how you look at it. if what he did at bain capital was to throw people out of their jobs and pocket the profits, but this is an opportunity for him to respond to those charges and how he handles it in the next ten days, look, i don't think this
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is going to be as determinative as it would be in a general relex because there are a lot of republicans who say you were committing an act of free market capitalism, so what? this is a chance to only argument and make the case and see how well he does in the intervening days here, i repeat. let's not overestimate. again, john mccain in 2008 got 33 and 1% of the vote. and mitt romney, 15 and rudy guiliani, you've got to have majority of the vote for people given in the center of the republican, moderate conservatives and rudy guiliani who is a clear moderate. i wouldn't overestimate the estimate of somebodying somebody like a romney or huntsman, if huntsman had money he could potentially be a player in south carolina given the nature of the field in the south carolina electorate. >> greta: if governor huntsman does well here today does he have a chance between the south carolina primary to sort of get that money and attract
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that money that fast and turn around to be of a value to him in south carolina? >> what happens in iowa doesn't affect new hampshire that much. but what happens in new hampshire does affect south carolina, if he's the big story out of tomorrow night, that is to say he holds mitt romney to a narrow victory and he comes in a strong second, then some money will come his way, but more importantly he'll be dominating the news for two or three days in south carolina. i remember in 1999 and dow, bush had a consistent lead in south carolina. we were up nearly 20 points, a matter of a week before the new hampshire primary, bush lost the new hampshire primary to john mccain and literally in 48 hours we were 6 or 7 points behind. we had 19 dates to fight back into the majority, but a shorter number of days this time around and as a result, what matters, what happens in new hampshire is going to affect south carolina. and even bigger than it has in
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previous years. >> greta: here is what i don't understand, karl. so many pen dits have jumped speaker gingrich for fight being back and said he's frankly angry. if some were coming at me with what i thought were false accusations, i'd come out strong. if he fights for himself and all the pundits are saying he's angry and giving him a hard time. >> i think he was angry. i didn't see as much anger on saturday night. i saw the newt that sort of helped him move up to the lead in november-december, but look, there are two ways to respond to attack. one is as the former speaker has done so far, is to say they're lying about my record. that doesn't work too well. what works well, if you show passion and say they're not telling the truth about my record and let me set the record straight and do it by engaging in the substance of the argument. we didn't see that in iowa, he had a bunch of ad attacking
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him and according to the times cnn poll, newt dropped 25 points during the period of december to early january. now, we weren't watching the ads shown in iowa and shown in south carolina, at least not to that extent. >> greta: on a national level they must have known what's going on and talked about it every day, so. >> sure, my point. >> greta: they knew what was going on. >> exactly my point. they were paying attention to the substance of the argument and saying that newt gingrich is being attacked for going to work by fannie and freddie and didn't give a good answer and therefore declining in my view. that's the fundamental mistake in my opinion. gingrich if he was going to fight back, fought back than they're lying about my record. that didn't work well for bob dole when he used it. you either ignore the argument or you engage in the substance of the argument and try to turn it back on your opponent. >> all right, karl, thank you, and as noted, an hour and 50
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minutes away from the poll opening in new hampshire and the clock is ticking and those doors are going to open soon for people to start voting. donald trump joins us by phone, nice to talk to you. >> hello, greta. >> greta: donald, do you expect any surprises in the state of new hampshire and the more important question, is, are you going to endorse before the doors open here in new hampshire? >> well, i don't expect any big surprises, i think it's going to be mitt romney, he's doing very well up there and he's done well forever, it was a neighboring state and they know him well and like him and i think he'll do well. i think a couple of little blips on the bottom where they're going up a little bit, but i don't expect any big surprises. i think romney and maybe good pr for something that comes in second or third, but i think it will be meaningless and i'ming this about somebody, thinking strongly about somebody and people are calling and asking and it's sort of an interesting situation, i've placed myself in, but i'm thinking about
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somebody, but not prepared to do anything yet. >> greta: you're running out of time if you want to do it before the new hampshire primary, according to-- it's like an hour and 59-- or hour and 50 minutes. >> i'm sorry to say i won't be doing it before the new hampshire primary. >> greta: and your quote, looking at somebody. what are you looking for? >> well, i'm looking for strength in leadership. looking for somebody that will beat obama. if you don't beat obama, this country will certainly continue to go down. we're in a downward spiral, the likes of which this country hasn't seen. we must beat obama, so-- >> who, can you exclude somebody? let's work that way. do you exclude anyone from the current group that's being voted on here in new hampshire? >> well, i think there are a number of people that would do poorly, that would not do as well e like? >> well, i don't want to say that. he want to be positive rather than negative, but strong feelings. >> greta: tell me positive who would do the best against
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president obama. >> i think frankly mitt romney would do well. i think that newt would do well. i think that a couple of this em would do well and i actually think that obama's going to beat himself. if you remember, obama ran against hillary and it was over yet he couldn't get to the finish line. i think he's highly overrated as a candidate and he had a book, whether he wrote the book or not, but that book pushed him very hard and very strongly and then they get into, you know, who, who really penned that book, it would be an interesting question for people to figure out. >> greta: you don't think that he wrote the book? >> he really couldn't ---able he somebody else had a lot to do with that book and i think he wrote the second book which wasn't a master piece e you don't think he wrote his two books. >> no, i think he wrote the second book and maybe something to do with the first book, but not as much as people would like you to believe. but the book was a very instrumental thing. he couldn't get over the finish line. hillary was winning race after
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race, she was winning every night, ended and limped over the line. i think he's meant to be beaten. i think that he's going to beat himself in the end if they have the right candidate. if they put up the wrong candidate, it will be a disaster for this country. >> greta: all right, speaker gingrich, he's not expected to do, not expected to be number one or two tonight in new hampshire. tomorrow. if speaker gingrich is going to run the ads, he's not going to, but the super pac is going to against governor romney in south carolina about bain capital, the super pac are friends of speaker gingrich, not speaker gingrich. is speaker gingrich still strong in the game? >> well, it's amazing. he's a friend of mine, a great guy, i like him a lot, but he's certainly taken a hit the last four weeks. it's a hit like you rarely see. >> he's angry and should be angry and he is angry at mitt romney. >> greta: is it fair?
10:14 pm
have the hits against speaker gingrich been fair? . you'll have to ask the two candidates. and ron paul was nasty. i think that ron paul was more nasty towards the speaker than romney. >> greta: could congressman ron paul beat president obama in a general election, do you think? >> no, i don't think he could. >> greta: he's out according to the candidates. >> i can tell you, he's out, he's out absolutely. >> greta: how about rick santorum. >> i don't believe he would have a chance. >> could senator santorum beat barack obama? >> i don't think it would be easy? and he's in there and pitching. they ask me to do speeches on success and they say never quit and never give up. he was hovering around 1%, but all of a sudden shot up. a great endorsement from bob vanederblast in iowa and that helped and bob didn't get
10:15 pm
enough credit. he never quit and never gave up and that's impressive. and i think a hard time going the rest of the way. and i think he's going to have a hard time. >> greta: how about governor perry? >> well, it's amazing, you know, he's been a very good governor of texas, i like him a lot. he's a friend of mine. the train seems to have passed and i'm listening to you tonight and you're talking abo about everybody, but his name doesn't come in. and when he came up, everybody assumed he would walk in. it's a rough business, politics, no question about it. >> greta: is it fair to say in your opinion, correct me if i'm wrong, governor romney, governor huntsman, speaker gingrich and senator santorum could beat president obama and may be some has a greater difficulty, but is that your opinion? >> i think that unts hadman would have a hard time because he loves the country and did
10:16 pm
this work for china or with china and if you look at what china did us over the four years that huntsman was ambassador to china. they just took the lunch right off our plate. so, i would of a very, very hard time ever endorsing mr. huntsman because i don't like what china has done to this country during his watch. his watch has been a complete and total disaster. >> greta: okay. so, under the criteria you would endorse someone you could win against president obama. looks to me by process of elimination. gingrich, romney and santorum-- >> you're a brilliant woman. >> greta: i'm going to get the answer sooner or later, but narrowed it down to three. thanks, greta. >> greta: straight ahead, senator santorum did it in
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>> 72 days in new hampshire. and 170 campaign events and the polls open in just over 90 minutes and the results will be critical to his future and we spoke with governor huntsman a short time ago. governor, nice to see you, sir. >> greta, a pleasure to be with you. >> i see you brought a couple of friends. >> and i've got my goat, i got the goat's endorsement like getting the endorsement of all of the people of new hampshire, hard work. >> greta: i saw you on under sunday, came out of the gate, firing mad at the debates, am i wrong? >> you speak from your heart and soul and that's what people want to hear. you've got to be honest and sincere in terms of the way you want the country to go. we love the country and want a better tomorrow and ready to hand down to the next generation is totally
10:22 pm
unacceptable. and we suffer from an economic deficit that's eating us alive and people no longer trust our institutions and we must do something about it. >> greta: am i wrong you're more fired up: the closer to election day, the more fired up you get. we've been planting our flags in all ten counties in the state and house meetings and house parties and worked it at the grass roots level like nobody else. the closer to election day, greta. the more fired up you get because you believe in your message and you believe that as you approach the finish line, you might actually surprise a whole lot of people. >> greta: now, i know you want to win and everyone wants to win, if i go to the olympics, i'd like the gold, but i'd be happy with a silver or bronze. aen what could you consider a win besides first place. would third place be a win for you. >> we have to beat the market expectations. you're going to set the market expectations for me. if we rise in the polls the next few hours, your
10:23 pm
expectations are higher and higher and we've got to clear that hurdle that you set for us, if i can clear that hurd many come tomorrow night, i'm going to walk out of this state and move with a head of steam out of this state as a very happy man and that means we will have established that point of electability. >> greta: is there anything that stops you dead here and doesn't have you going on? >> obviously, a poor finish. but we're not going to have a poor finish, we've worked it too hard and been too honest and sincere with the voters of new hampshire and picked up a head of steam. and feel the energy out there it's very real and palpable. >> greta: compared to the guy leading the polls and governor romney is leading the polls and today, said something about firing people. and expand upon that? >> well, if you're talking about your enjoyment in firing people. if you're talking about pink slips during a time we need to be talking about jobs and expanded economic opportunities for people, that would seem to be problematic.
10:24 pm
just look the a the political. when you're up against the chicago political machine and it's going to have a billion dollars to spend, on goofy states like -- statements like that, give me a break. that will be electing difficult. >> greta: and lining you up against governor romney and both former governors. what's the biggest difference if someone trying to vote between you and governor romney. >> trust, i have a core that doesn't change. i've been the same from start to finish. people might not have always agreed wh what i've done. i have a consistent conservative record and do what is right for the company and not going to bury it. i think that trust, the issue of trust is going to be a central theme in in election cycle. >> greta: you think do he's not trustworthy. >> i don't think he's made the case to the american people. >> greta: but do you think he's not trustworthy? >> he hasn't made the case to the american people. >> greta: has he made it to you. >> not convincingly. he's a good father, family
10:25 pm
man, i respect him, he's a decent person, but he's not made, not made an effective case for, for trust in his campaign. >> greta: one of the big problems affecting us right now is iran and a big question where they are in nuclear weapons development and we always have problems getting good intelligence and we've had intelligence failures before. how would you know or what would you change about the intelligence gathering, is there anything differently than what we're doing now or prior administration? >> i would take out the dni. i think the dni is a structure, is an overall holding company for our intelligence gathering and analytical capability and it's terribly bureaucratic and weighted down with red tape and i want to get back to the days where we have a central intelligence agencies and we've got too many players, we're not sharing enough and i believe when you're confused at the gathering level. much less the analytical level
10:26 pm
you'll not get the information you need to make critically important decisions where we send our men and women into harm's way and that's something the president has to do and i want to make sure when i have to make those decisions that we have absolutely the best tactful tactical intelligence and analyze intelligence and analytical basis on which to make the decisions. >> and you look out and see the fans? >> i can't believe it. (cheers) >> i can't believe it, greta, you know, we came in here the very first time many months ago. >> huntsman, huntsman! >> and i have to and now this is incredible. it's absolutely incredible. >> greta: and abraham lincoln once spoke here. >> i'm inspired. and feel his presence every time i'm in the building. >> greta: governor, good luck. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up, palin pick for president. which candidate landed big time support. you'll get the full scoop on
10:27 pm
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than leading regar juice drinks. because less sugar is a better way to fly. ♪ just not literally. capri sun. respect what's in the pouch. >> big news from alaska tonight. a palin endorsement, but it's not governor sarah palin, it's her husband todd palin who is
10:31 pm
making the big announcement and news. and he's endorsing former speaker of the house newt gingrich, why did he choose speaker gingrich and will his wife follow suit? todd join us from wasilla. and tell me why did you decide to endorse speaker gingrich? >> good evening, greta. i think that newt is the best conservative that can run against barack obama. he's going to have the billion dollar war chest campaign fund and a lot of the media in his corner. and newt is a proven reformer and he has a proven record to go against the obama machine and so he-- >> go ahead, i'm sorry. >> go ahead, greta. >> greta: and i interrupted you, todd. >> what's that? >> i said i interrupted you. i'm sorry, so i'll ask you, you were going on to talk about speaker gingrich and why you chose him. >> well, he's just a proven reformer, greta. and you know, he's not afraid
10:32 pm
to fight, fight for the working and that's why i'm behind him. >> did you call and tell him you were going to choose him? i spoke with a couple of his campaign staff today and then eventually i spoke with newt, yes. >> why now? why as the polls are just about to open here in new hampshire? >> well, watching newt from the beginning of the debates, i appreciate how he got his poll numbers up the old-fashioned way and bringing it to the debate and the american people are impressed with newt and his experience and message and ideas and so, i just appreciated the fact that he didn't have to spend a lot of money to do that because he wasn't in a position to do that, but i just felt that now would be a good time, he had a good choice in iowa and new hampshire and iowa and if neg, just to let him know at least one palin is behind him now. >> greta: you mentioned palin.
10:33 pm
he was out with my colleague sean hannity about an hour ago and he said this, he said that he had had some conversation with you, i don't know when, but that he said, sarah said a knew days ago, mitt was the weakest candidate you could put up. your thought. is that what the governor says is that mitt romney is the weakest candidate the republicans can put up? >> i'm not sure if she said that or not. and she may have. but i think that you know, we need to have the strongest candidate to go up against this machine and again, he's a proven reformer and he's worked in the past with president clinton and balance the budget and it's huge and he can do it again. >> greta: do you expect, by the way, the governor to be making an endorsement anytime soon? >> i'm not going to speak for her. you'll have to ask her when and if she does get behind a candidate, but for right now, at least, there's one palin behind newt. >> do you miss the race, todd? there was also, there's always
10:34 pm
a lot of talk whether or not your wife would be in the race or are you content to watch it from the sidelines and endorse newt gingrich? >> well, it's been an amazing process to watch. i just can't believe how, you know, just really commercialized now and all the money that's spent on the campaigning and no, i'm glad that she decided to stick this one out. >> greta: well, very exciting and the polls open in just over an hour in new hampshire and i suppose you'll be watching in alaska and we're watching here. todd, thank you. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: attacks both sides. mitt romney started out the campaign highlighting his business record and now though he's defending it. will the business experience he built up end up tearing him down? that's next. and congressman ron paul has gone on the record and other candidates have called him dangerous. how is he defending his foreign policy ideas? congressman paul will tell you himself coming up. just carry preparation h totables.
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>> i'm lori rothman with the fox business previous. and traders were looking ahead to the up official start of corporate earning season and the dow industrials finished up 32 points to 12,392. alcoa was the first to report, with a fourth quarter operating loss of 3 cents per share, wall street's expectation and revenue 6 billion dollars slightly higher than expected. the global aluminum company is seen as a bellwether because many companies use hits products and the hyundai alantra, the car of the year award. 50 automotive journalist voted on the group of finalist, you can catch me at 1 p.m. eastern and to find fox business in your area, log on to
10:40 pm . >> greta: g.o.p. front runner, governor romney is getting blitzed, coming under heavy fire with his work with boehner company. and it's not just the democrats, it's the other republican candidates, too. and former speaker newt gingrich made a short, but sharp edged movie that directly targets romney. >> and take a look at trailer. >> the day that bain capitol was formed, the mission to reap massive benefits for him and investors. and a group of corporate raiders led by mitt romney. more ruinous than wall street. for tens of thousands of americans, the suffering began when mitt romney came to town. >> greta: so, will governor
10:41 pm
romney's business background end up damaging his campaign and are the political knives now out? washington political correspondent byron york joins us in new hampshire. >> good evening, greta. >> greta: and the bain bomb-- you trailer you talked about in the super pac movie, 27, 28 minutes long is going to come out in south carolina. this is a huge gamble for newt gingrich and the reason is, republicans are sympathetic to mitt romney's business career. mitt romney says, look, i was in business, i took a risk, i made some, you know, i made some money and i lost money on the net i created a lot of jobs and republicans like that argument and they think that what newt gingrich is saying, which is that romney looted companies, and into bankruptcy and people were laid off. it sounds like a democratic critique to them. so it's an interesting fight to be going on inside the republican battle. >> greta: well, there's a
10:42 pm
difference between good old-fashioned capitalism and looting. there just is, you know, and nobody likes looting. the republicans like good old-fashioned capitalism, but there is that line. >> this is what's going to happen later on in this campaign and in the general election if romney is the nominee. they're going to look at everything that bain did. bain buys a company, it helps the company survive, keeps jobs, fixes things, they make a ton of money, that's a happy story. bain buys a company, tried to make it work, don't make it work, take a bath. that's not happy, but that's what happens in business. are there instances where bain is trying to make it survive, and it doesn't survive and people laid off and bain walks away with tens of millions of dollars and that's what the obama campaign is going to focus on during the general election. >> greta: and the movie, it's not gingrich, it's a super pac
10:43 pm
much live the romney super pac that went after gingrich in iowa, so i guess that payback can be painful. >> the super pacs make hipocrits of them all. gingrich was criticizing romney for not reigning in the super pac and now they've made a movie about romney and gingrich says i want to make sure it's factual so gingrich is showing no inclination to rein in his super pac. >> greta: is this, look ahead, what are you hearing in terms of on the ground. is this movie about bain capital and governor romney, is it inflicting pain in south carolina on governor romney or not. political pain? >> one thing that's interesting, the story that gingrich has been pointing to, the story by reuters the other day, which is a story of a couple of steel companies that bain had bought and had fights with the unions and they ended up going broke, went bankrupt and people lost their jobs,
10:44 pm
one of the steel companies happens to be in south carolina and there were other companies that bain purchased, didn't have a great experience with, in south carolina. so, i think that gingrich is going to be making it not just a mitt romney story, but a local south carolina story. >> greta: you talk about hypocrites and governor romney can't call foul because politics is rough and big boys take hits. he can't complain either. >> right, when gingrich is complaining, mitt romney at first said i can't control the super pac, i can't coordinate with them and tell them what to do and somebody said you could condemn the ads if you wanted. he said, wait a minute, this is politics. >> greta: i said you could disavow and he said, no, he's not going to, this is politics, and it's a tough game. >> and newt gingrich is saying, i can take it, mitt. you can take it, too. >> greta: and a look at the clock and very close to the polls, and sean hannity comes back when it happens and exciting times here. byron, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: straight ahead, how close can he get? congressman ron paul tries to close in on governor mitt
10:45 pm
romney in new hampshire. he's sneaking up on the polls, but how far will he get when the polls open? you'll hear directly from congressman paul, he goes on the recordment and governor chris christie brings the jersey shore, sparks fly when he takes on a protester and you'll see that excitement coming up and do not touch that remote control. our fiberstretch formula for a blast of volume and length. lashblast fusion. from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl. but think about your heart. 2% has over half the saturated fat of whole milk. want to cut back on fat and not compromisen taste? try smart balance fat free milk. it's what you'd expect from the folks at smart balance. [ laughs ] [ mayhem ] please continue to hold. the next available claims representative will be with you in 97 minutes. [ laughs ] ♪ and if you've got cut rate insurance,
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>> congressman ron paul says yes, i'm in this and he's running a solid second in several new hampshire polls. can he defy the odds and catch up to mitt romney. spoke to him on the campaign trail. >> congressman, you're rising in the polls and it looks like mitt romney is slipping. what is happening here? >> it looks like our message is getting out and a great state and government and we're optimistic about the way things are going and we have a way to go to really get it, but i tell you what if we get close to him it will be a big news story. >> aen getting closer, you've said on the campaign stump that you're doing the same message you've been doing, but it's starting to click why? >> i think the country and the world has changed. certainly shall the financial situation has changed. worldwide domestically as well
10:50 pm
as international and of course, that was my big issue for many, many years and motivated me to get involved in politics in the 70's, warning go the financial system and monetary system and it's come about and so we talked about the housing bubble before it burst and now we have credibility on economics and also credibility on the foreign policy, too, because the foreign policy the past ten years, 4 trillion dollars worth of debt and that means money spent overseas on the wars was taken away from the people and that's why we're having trouble paying the bills for medical care in this country and i think it's coming together and of course the young people are enthusiast it can about the view points. you mentioned foreign policy and some of your fellow candidates, rick santorum says you're dangerous. what would president paul draw people to your fiscal and constitutional message, but questions your foreign policy and what do you think of santorum is saying? >> i sort of chuckle because i
10:51 pm
can't say how a strict constitutionalist be dangerous and somebody who puts on high priority national defense because there are so few things we're supposed to do at the national level and one is national defense so my viewpoint what we do overseas undermines our national defense and we have too many conservatives who say if we spend more money overseas you're going to get more defense, but i don't believe that. you get more militarism and a different foreign policy and they accept that reasoning domestically, you know, if the department of education isn't doing well, conservatives don't say, well, that's doubled as well and sometimes they do double, and the department of education, but that's not a conservative viewpoint. and just pumping more in, money, domestically and that's the way i'm consistent in, i look at that nationally and just sending over more foreign aid and invade another country that hasn't done harm to us, that doesn't give us more defense and people are catching on to this. >> i know, you've been asked this, but if you become president, what is the first
10:52 pm
thing you would do policy-wise? and people know, you say, you know, what your president and change, what would be the first thing you would do? >> one area where the president would have a commander-in-chief so you don't have to go looking for another war. and you don't have to intimidate people and you don't have to say, we're going to put a lot of sanctions on you and disrupt trade around the world, but you can say, well, our national security doesn't depend on a whole naval force in the persian gulf. we don't wan china in the gulf of mexico, so reasonably speaking, our country less secure by backing off a couple of miles? that opens the door for discussion and i think that's what the world needs instead of you do it our way, if you do it our way we'll give you money, if you don't do it our way we'll send a drone missile over there and start picking at you. i think it's a completely different foreign policy and a strong national sense policy and also living within reason
10:53 pm
that it's a policy we can afford right now. we can't afford this and we have to get our budget under control. >> a new poll today says that 56%, says more than half of the voters here in new hampshire are undecided, probably a lot of them in that. and what's your pitch with them with hours to go before the voters hit the poll. >> same they think i've been pitching for 30 years, more freedom, less government. lower taxes, strong national defense, looking into federal reserve. and a concentration and emphasis on personal liberty because this is one state that understands what personal liberty is all about. >> and depending how you do here, you've said you'll go straight to south carolina, what's with the path forward you said maybe not going to florida. what's the path? >> we'll -- i will stop in south carolina on wednesday as we leave here, and we don't have the full campaign in florida, but we won't be absent, but we'll see how we do tomorrow, as well as in south carolina and then, look at the budget.
10:54 pm
>> last question, do you-- you've been hesitant to answer the third party question. let me try a creative way. what's your opinion on what ross perot did and how he ran? >> well, he was very rich. i'm not very rich. i've contributed some services here and it distracted me a little bit from a medical practice and also, you know, i gave up a pension, my federal pension fund so i don't have that kind of money so that's a different story completely and it is a system, a very biased against third party movements and right now i'm in this. i'm a contender. >> we've tried to follow you around, you're like a rock star here. >> that thought doesn't cross my mind and i'm not thinking if those terms. >> congressman, we appreciate your time and following you on the campaign trail. >> greta: governor chris christie is at it again. you will not believe what he said when a heckler tries to interrupt him. you'll hear this next. don't go away.
10:55 pm
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>> outspoken, maybe brash. governor chris christie grabs the spotlight at a rally for governor romney. protesters tried to interrupt. but the governor in his usual fashion, when a heckler yelled christie kills jobs, he yelled back at her. >> really? [cheer [cheers] >> you know, something may go down tonight, but it ain't going to be jobs, sweetheart. if she wasn't so blinded by her barack obama induced anger she'd know that america's jobs are coming back when mitt romney is the next president of the united states! >> when romney supporter says that governor christie has just the right amount of punch.


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